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Marysol Uribe is the author of Un Billón Mindset:  Health - Journey Toward Self Love, and founder of Billion Dollar Wellness Solutions, a company dedicated to addressing the mindset, skillset, and habits of the individual to prosper in their mental, physical and spiritual health. You can also listen to her and hand selected guests on the Un Billón Mindset Podcast

Un Billón Mindset Health: - Journey Toward Self Love

Un Billón Mindset Health:
Journey Toward Self Love

Grief is cyclical. You reach acceptance, but then you can slip back into denial, and the entire cycle can begin anew.

What if I told you that you could significantly delay this cycle from starting over?
Would it increase your happiness, prolong your mental sanity, and empower you? It’s time for you to be happier, prolong your mental sanity, and feel empowered. Don’t suffer from poor health status. Instead, create that Billion Dollar Wellness within you. We grieve when we get disappointed.

It is our choice to stay in this emotional home, or to continue onward. With the mindset of health, you need to wire your brain toward prevention rather than treatment after you become symptomatic.

You will get to learn about the mindset of health from several patient perspectives through personal anecdotal reports regarding diabetes and prediabetes and what can be done for a robust treatment plan.
Furthermore, how you can keep adjusting your mindset to take steps forward to become the best version of you.

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Marysol Uribe has aided over seven thousand patients, offering each a nursing diagnosis that brought them one step closer to health. She can do the same for you. Starting with this book is an excellent step, as she unveils a personal memoir about an event repressed for a very long time.

She didn't always have her "Un Billón Mindset" – that $1 Billion Dollar Mindset. In fact, she works daily to keep it sharp and faces the same battles as you.

However, after developing a framework during her time in Graduate School, she left the program prematurely to begin implementing this framework immediately.

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